Paro is a baby harp seal robot designed by Prof. Shibata at AIST, Tsukuba, Japan. It is a high-tech robot in the shape of a newly born seal, covered in soft fur and capable of the movements and sounds typical of very young pups. Its soft white fur hides a complex network of sensors that allows it to react to environmental stimuli. Paro responds to pats and other external stimuli by moving its body and head in a coordinated way, fluttering its eyelids, making sounds, and purring if cuddled. The robot has been introduced in Italy and tested in different therapeutic contexts like hospitals, rehabilitation institutions, home cares, primary schools.


University of Siena
AIST, Tsukuba, Japan
Functional Rehabilitation Unit, Le Scotte Hospital, Siena
Fondazione Peppino Scoppa, Angri, Salerno
Casa Protetta Albesani, Castel S.Giovanni, Piacenza
Società di Esecutori di Pie Disposizioni, Complesso Residenziale Socio Sanitario per anziani,
Le Ville di Porta Romana, Siena