(ACCEPTABLE ROBOTICS COMPANIONS FOR AGEING YEARS) 2011-PRESENT The project develops a robot companion, Care-O-Bot, as part of a smartenvironment to faci-litate independent living of older people at home. In the context of this project, we explore rich and natural ways of interactions, focusing on empathy as a means to enable meaningful and engaging relations between human and system.


The University of Hertfordshire (UH), United Kingdom Hogeschool Zuyd (HZ), The Netherlands Fraunhofer (Fraunhofer), Germany University of Amsterdam (UVA),The Netherlands University of Siena (UNISI), Italy Maintien en Autonomie à Domicile des Personnes Agées (MADOPA), France University of Birmingham (UB), United Kingdom


FP7-ICT-2011-7” with funded under “ICT for Ageing and Wellbeing (ICT-2011.5.4) contract number 287624