GoS (Game of Stimuli) is an interactive game-like interface specifically designed for children with autism. Its main objective is to investigate the sensorial skills of a person diagnosed with ASD and facilitate a better focus on a given activity and therefore ignoring irrelevant input which are distracting from the task, both in an individual and collaborative set-up.

The system is completely customizable in terms of hardware and software. The hardware consists of one core element, where most of the electronic components are located. Next to it, structure expands into a variable amount of modules which can be attached to the main element. Each module consists of a wood block with a pushing button on top of it. On the one hand the button can detect the pressure applied, while on the other one it can emit a light, by means of a RGB LED. The activities are supported with the use of a MIDI speaker, which produces positive reinforcement feedback at the appropriate time.

On the software side, the system allows the therapists for a custom set-up of the play activities, according to the needs of the children, varying from a cognitive play to a collaborative play.

Currently the system is being tested at the “Piccolo Principe” association on autism in Siena, Italy.


PARTNERS Universitá degli studi di Siena, Eindhoven University of Technology, U.O.C. Neuropsichiatria Infantile ASL7 Siena, Associazione Autismo “Piccolo Principe”